Neyah’s Place – Jenaya

My name is Jenaya. ( though I do prefer to be called Miss Neyah by my special friends.) I have a Diploma in Early Childhood.Education and I am currently five subjects away from a Bachelor in Education – Middle Primary, Majoring in Early Childhood. I have been working in Early Childhood Education for sixteen years and it is something that I am strongly committed to and very passionate about. As an Educator I look forward to being a part of your families journey.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday and overnight availableimages

Booking requirements- Min 8 hrs
Placements- Before, After school and Under School age
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Erjok Apech Erjok (Gaigai) – Nyadier

My name is Nyadier, I am from the Sudan. I started working in child care in 1994 in Kakuma refugee camp. Our camp was huge so we had over 1000 children in our centre.
There were also three other centres in the camp with around the same number of children. We had a shortage of classrooms, so some children were taught outside under the trees.
Children were enrolled from the ages of 2 ½ to 5 years old.
In 1995 all the teachers at camp were offered child care training, by this time I was pregnant with my twins. We did the training course for two years. I arrived in Australia in February 2003. In October 2003, I moved to Toowoomba with my family. In 2004, I attended TAFE to learn English.
I was lucky enough to meet a Lifeline worker whom oversaw migrant and refugee children in Toowoomba. I talked to her and told her I was a child care worker and showed her my certificate. I told her my mother tongue was very important in child care. She then employed me as a multicultural support worker for three days a week and I continued attending TAFE for two days a week.

We enrolled children in child cares in Toowoomba and I helped them settle in. Most of the children were enrolled in ABC centres. In 2007 Lifeline offered me a traineeship and I completed my certificate 3 in child care in October 2007. ABC then employed as a casual assistant then a permanent position.

I have been in childcare for 16 years and I still love my job. I love working with children because of the way they make you laugh. I love learning new things.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday and overnight available
Booking requirements- Min 8 hrs
Placements- Before/After school and Under School age
Current vacancies available Now!

Gowrie Junction

Geoff’s Place – Geoff

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Opening hours – Monday to Friday and overnight availableimages

Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Before, After school and Under School age
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Little Grinner’s Family Day Care – Cherry

I’m am originally from the Philippines  and migrated with my family back in the 1990s. I have always been surrounded with big families and this is where my passion working with children grew.
Now that I have my own family, it’s time for me to grow with my little one. Family day care is one of the best ways I can do this and discover all the new experiences with the children.
I have over 15 years of experience in the early childhood settings from babies to school age.
I have a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services), current First Aid, CPR, Blue card, Child Protection, Food Safety and  Montessori training.
I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Opening hours – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and  Friday images

Booking requirements- Min 8 hrs
Placements-  Under School age and vacation care
Currently has vacancies  

Middle Ridge

Adhel’s FDC – Adhel

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Opening hours – Monday-Saturday
Booking requirements- Min 3 hrs
Placements-  School age
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Hello, My name is Ayak, I am from South Sudan, my primary language is Dinka. I am studying my certificate 3 in Childcare and have four of my own children. I am loving the opportunity to be a Family Day Care educator as I feel fortunate to be able to offer my culture and experience to others.

Opening hours – Monday- Saturday
Booking requirements- Min 6 hrs
Placements-  Under School age and Before/After School care
Current vacancies available Now!