“I would like to nominate my service because they are so passionate about getting the best outcomes for the educators that they employ and monitor. They not only strive to achieve high quality care and outcomes for the families and children but holistically look after me too.
Due to the fact that I am well looked after and feel supported and EMPOWERED, I can then mirror this relationship within my business. They listen to all of our suggestions and tweak if necessary so that we can then implement them in our day to day running of our businesses. I feel that I am not just working for C and R Cowling Scaife, I feel that I am working WITH them and I am blessed that they chose to employ me. They make their business feel like a family, while still keeping a professional standard and relationship as well. All of the coordinators possess this quality of giving me the feeling that I matter, there is a sense of trust that goes both ways and I thank them for it.
When I get a monitoring visit, the coordinators come bearing gifts for my children in the way of recycled equipment, today there was a bag of shredded paper for our worm farms and compost bins, 4 scoopers for the sand pit which were quickly converted to compost scoopers, and a pen holder made from an Avon book with the pages folded.. They continue to offer suggestions verbally but help out with actual visual things as well, this of course endears them to my children and makes the coordinator visits a much anticipated day….” Tina 


“My scheme values and recognises the unique contribution of each educator. They develop genuine partnerships with educators supporting and encouraging growth and personal development. They engage in a strong system of beliefs with educators families and community. Their policies represent a strong sustainable environment for all and encourage and help to educate through the NQS and EYLF. As an educator I have grown in many areas due to their support and professionalism. An amazing team of highly skilled and knowledgeable early childhood professionals. I value our partnership and overall representation of family day care under my scheme. I deliver quality outcomes continually through communication with coordination staff and networking with fellow educators. As a large team we are encouraged to learn and grow with each other. C and R continue to produce a high quality range of educators, something to be proud of being a part of.”  Nicole


“MY scheme supports me in many ways more than i can list I am within the sunshine coast branch of the scheme and am proud to be with them. My scheme offer me monthly playgroups themed differently each month and always have a community theme’s such as: Recycling playgroup, NADOC playgroup, Natural play ideas playgroup.
As a driving Educator I take my children out on excursions and I can rely on the help of the service if required, If I want to take them to a large venue and want a extra set of eyes one of the office staff will come with me for the morning. The office offer a free car seat check and have a mobile mechanic that gives us a discounted rate when doing work for us and installing anchor points. My scheme also has a toy library which we can check out items like, books, puzzles, Montessori toys, outdoor play equipment even a blow up jumping castle i have used to make a little girl’s Bday party really special.
My scheme also offer bi monthly Personal developmental courses held by either the director (Who has the qualifications) or they get someone in (Cost free) to run the course, like: “understanding elf” and “Child safety”.
As for me well I feel part of a group, a real family, which is great seeing that they are the only support we Educators get, they are sometime’s the life line to the outside world for us and im glad I have Ruby, Monica, Belinda in the Sunshine coast branch. I also know the other branches through “Educator retreats” and social media.” Chris