Rainbow Nature Explorers


“Curiosity wonder & respect are the best gifts we can pass on to our little people”

Rainbow Nature Explorers is a nomadic, nature-based playgroup for children. Meeting in wild spaces around the Sunshine Coast, this Steiner, Reggio Emilia, the influenced group follows a loose rhythm that revolves around free play and exploration of nature. Whilst unstructured nature play will dominate the session, our Rainbow Nature Kids are invited to engage with their local landscape through play that is rewarding, risky and real. It allows them to achieve wondrous feats, marvellous creations, and epic journeys, and at other times to fall from trees, shake their confidence and head home with a gumboot full of soggy mud. There is lots of free play where the children get to learn about their environment and its creatures in a very natural learning way. The children are also invited to participate in weekly invitational activities that might include story time, seasonal songs and nature arts and crafts along with opportunities

Tree climbing

Wildlife viewing and bug searching


Mudpie kitchen

Nature scavenger hunts

Jumping in puddles

Unlike many traditional playgroups, this program is specifically designed to provide access and opportunity for our young children to engage in nature play. This is an all-weather group that encourages adventure and exploration to help promote imagination and self-discovery in a stimulating natural learning environment. We believe that children who play in nature day after day forge a lifetime bond and commitment to conservation and the environment, which is a fundamental value of Rainbow Nature Explorers, and one we want to pass on to our children.