Thank you for choosing Family Day Care Providers to educate and care for your child/ren.

To assist with the placement and/ or processing of your placement please call the area office closest to your location.

Keep in mind you will need the following to complete the scheme enrolment forms:

  • CRN customer reference numbers from Centrelink for both you and your child
  • Your child’s immunisation details
  • Doctors details, name, phone number, address
  • Two emergency contact numbers and details that are not yourself or partner.
  • Medicare Card number and including the corresponding digit to your child.
  • Bank Account detail

Please note-

You will be charged an enrolment fee of $35 excluding the debit service fee. This is a non-refundable fee and is to be paid prior to commencing care. NO Exceptions will be made. If you do not pay you will not have care.

We also have for purchase

  • Bucket hats $12.00
  • T-Shirts $15.00 Sizes 2,4,6,8

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