Educators Sunshine Coast

Dicky Beach

Dicky Beach Family Day Care – Tracie

I have over 20 years’ experience in both Family Day Care and Long Day Care Centres. I have worked as a Coordinator and also Group Leader throughout my time in the Early Childhood sector.
I provide a caring, comfortable nurturing environment for the children where they can play safely in both the inside and outdoor environments.
I provide an educational program where children can play freely choosing the activities in which they would like to participate in. I follow the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum and have a strong focus on every child reaching their developmental milestones at their own pace.
Your child’s learning and development are documented in their own Learning Journal that you are free to view at any time. We frequently visit local parks and make other visits out into the community.

Opening hours – Monday to Thursday
Booking requirements- Min 7.5hrs
Placements- Under School age

No current Vacancies Available

Moffat Beach

Open Arms Family Day Care – Carla

I’m a Mum of 4 beautiful boys. I have always had an affinity and loved working with children. I have a cert III in childcare and have had 15 yrs hands-on experience before being a stay at home Mum for the last 10yrs.
With my youngest turning 3. I’m ready to return to work where I can support children to thrive in a nurturing, homely environment where they will be guided and respected to be who they truly are while they discover and explore the world in which they live.
Looking forward to working with you to ensure your child has a strong, safe and enjoyable foundation for their journey in life.

Opening hours – Wed to Fri
Booking requirements-Min 7hrs
Placements- Under school age
No current vacancies available 


Happy Home Child Care – Annie

To love, nurture, educate and care for your child in a safe, stimulating, and fun home environment.
To provide your child with a planned week, consisting of dance, art and craft, storytelling, indoor and outdoor play, playground adventures, and excursions.
To take the stress away from working parents and give you peace of mind when placing your child in care.

Opening hours – Monday to Friimages
Booking requirements-  10hr Min
Placements- 2yrs and above
No current Vacancies Available

Mooloolah Valley

Rainbow Room Family Day Care – Suzanne

Each child is unique and has their own learning style and view of the world, promoting self-awareness, understanding, acceptance, resilience and confidence.

To be supported by a lifelong learner who facilitates the children to develop the same attitude, skills and role model the same, nurturing these skills in a play based environment. For the family, it is a right to be part of this journey too, having an equal voice in their day to day goals that will support the development of the child to who they will become.

Families are the single most important entity to the survival of any society, so too are all those within the family to its survival.  We can do this together!

Opening hours – Mon-Sunday
Booking requirements- Min 6hrs
Placements- Under school age and school age
No current Vacancies Available

Mountain Creek

Neek’s Lil Treasures – Monique

I started my journey in FDC 3 years ago, I love working with children as every day is like a new adventure.

I feel privileged as I have cared for the same children since starting my family day care journey.
I believe in an environment that is inviting so children are able to learn, laugh, grow and have fun.
Play-based learning allows children of all ages, explore, make sense of the world and express their curiosity.

I wish to include parents/caregivers in daily activities by participating through suggestions/ comments.
I promote a nurturing and secure environment in which all children can feel safe, protected and involved. Located Mountain Creek/Bright Water.

Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 7.30am-5.30pm
Booking requirements – min 8hrs
Placements – Under school age and school age
No current Vacancies Available

Sippy Downs

Reecha’s Little Munchkins – Reecha

Hi, my name is Reecha and I live in Sippy Downs with my husband and two daughters.
I have obtained certificate 3 in children services. I have been working in the early childhood industry since 2010.
I aim to educate children in my care, about real-life experiences using the environment and aim to provide learning experiences focusing on the children’s current interests and abilities and providing opportunities for a wide range of developmental needs.
I look forward to meeting and welcoming new families and children to my home.

Opening hours – Monday-SundayBooking requirements- Min 7hrs

Placements- Under School age and School age
Vacancies available now!


Wendy’s Family Day Care – Wendy

I have 2 grown daughters, Charma and Julina . Prior to commencing my Family Day Care business, I have worked in the toddlers and babies rooms as a Group Leader in a Child Care Center for 3yrs Full time. I opened my own Family Day Care business in February 2010, and now I still could not think of any other job I would rather be doing. Our Family Day Care Home has a friendly, relaxed, happy and safe atmosphere, with a nice sized outdoor shaded play area. Our Family Day Care Home is a place where children, parents and family members should always feel welcomed and valued. It is a place where children learn to be kind and respectful toward one another, and where children have the freedom to socialize and learn through play. A variety of stimulating and challenging activities are provided to the children daily, based on each and every child’s individual, and group interests.Please feel free to organize a visit with us, and feel welcome to stay for a play.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age

No current vacancies available 

Great Expectations Family Day Care – Angie

My name is Angie and I have been working in the childcare industry for the past 24 years and hold an Advanced Diploma in Early childhood Education. My career has mainly been in centre based care services, ranging from long day care to after School Care and Vacation Care; only having a break when my daughter Lucy, was born in March 2012. I have loved every minute of my time in centres and have watched so many children grow and develop into the wonderful little people I saw off to school. Over the years I have seen the child care industry evolve many times to the child based curriculum it now has. This evolution in early childhood education has been a long time coming and it finally acknowledges that children have a right to influence their education and I have personally seen some wonderful results. However, it was after Lucy’s birth and returning to long day care, where I realised that my love and interest in long day care centres was evolving towards wanting to care and educate small groups of children rather than big groups of 16-24 children. I found that it was getting harder and harder to spend quality one on one time with each child, and thus I personally felt the children in my care were missing out on something they deserved; an educator who put them before all else, who knew their likes and dislikes and who wanted to extend and learn from their interests. It was with this realisation and my continuing love for educating and caring for young children, that I looked into creating and starting my own family daycare. The best of both worlds you could say! My gorgeous husband Andy will work alongside me, as my co educator; especially with the After School Care. Andy holds a Diploma in Youth and Community Work, which will be an asset to our service. It is my hope that while having a family day care service in my home, I will be able to give other families peace of mind, in knowing that their children are being looked after and educated in a safe, warm loving and exciting environment.

Opening hours – Monday to Sundayimages
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Before, After and Under School age

Vacancies available now! 

Angie’s Place Family Day Care – Angela

I have opened up my home to give other families in the local area access to a loving and caring environment for their children to play, learn and grow. I am a mother of 4 awesome boys all of who have grown up in the family day care environment. I myself am a local of Nambour and have worked in the childcare industry for 13 years, working as a family day care educator as well as a family day care relief educator.
I hold a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services, First Aid certificate, blue card qualified and offer a program that is set to enrich your child’s time at Angie’s Place.
Everyone is welcome at Angie’s Place.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements-Under School age
No current Vacancies Available

Sanctuary Family Day Care – Nicole

My name is Nicole and I live in Coes Creek with my husband Gavin and our children Giarna, Cameron and Issac.

My experience started job-sharing at a family day care in Nambour with C & R FDC Providers. From my first day, I knew the care and education of young children were where my passion lay and I find it to be immensely rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable.
I completed my Certificate last year and am currently studying my Diploma in Early Childhood Education.
I also have experience working in a local Childcare Centre.
I gained lots of valuable knowledge whilst working in the centre in all areas of Early Childhood and also the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

I feel the small educator to child ration, and true family-like environment which family day care gives is of huge importance and provides a child with the consistent, nurturing, and safe environment they need whilst growing.

I strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for the children in my care, where each child is valued and seen as capable and competent. Creating a strong, trusting relationship with each family is crucial to quality care and I strive to create a great partnership with each family.

Our days are full of adventures both indoors and out. Art, baking/cooking, reading, singing, exploring and investigating. I believe it is important for children to discover the world around them and we will venture out on excursions to the library for story time, Mainly Music, playgroups, and other places in our local community.

The first years of a child’s life are such important and busy ones filled with wonder and adventure. I look forward to being here to support and nurture your child as they grow and learn.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Before, After and Under School age
No current Vacancies available



Sunflower Cottage Family Day Care – Pagie

I have been working in the Early Childhood Industry since 2003 in an array of positions including, assistant educator, lead educator, and private nanny, as well as several school-related positions. I have 2 children of my own and am partnered.
As an educator, I feel my purpose is to create an environment in which all children feel welcomed, safe, respected and free to create, imagine and discover.  I believe we as Educators can help children through their development by creating an environment that inspires them to learn at a pace which is comfortable, yet challenging. I believe children need a consistent show of affection, care, love and respect in an environment that suits their needs, I aim to make Sunflower Cottage Family Day Care a place where they can find comforting stimuli for all their senses to learn about the world and their interactions with others.

I seek to form a close relationship with each child under my care, and their families. I make use of our communities’ resources and incorporate the child’s community into the program. I see each child as a unique individual with a great capacity to learn and able to make positive contributions to those around him or her. I look forward to meeting you and your child soon!

Opening hours – Monday – Friday (available weekends)
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under school age
Vacancies available now!

Pacific Paradise

Little Spirits Haven – Ren

I was born in Argentina. I have a Diploma in Children’s Services with many years experience looking after young children. The family is very important to me that’s why you will find my mum and dad around the place at times. I speak four languages (Spanish, Italian etc). Children are very important and deserve our unconditional love they are a sheer joy and a true blessing.
I look forward to looking after your children.

Opening hours – Monday to Thursday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age

No current vacancies available 

Peregian Springs

 Nelly Noo’s Family Day Care – Eleanor

Hi, I’m Eleanor, mother of two amazing children, and owner of Nelly Noo’s Family Day Care in Peregian Springs. Having two children of my own (who have both experienced various care settings) I am able to empathise with other parents seeking a great childcare setting for their little ones.  This is what I strive to achieve at Nelly Noo’s Family Day Care. I believe strongly that a Family Day Care environment provides children with the setting they need to feel nurtured, safe and stimulated allowing them to develop and grow as individuals.  I encourage close communication with families and welcome any feedback.  Children’s health, safety and happiness are my priority and I simply love being a Family Day Care Educator!

Opening hours – Monday to Friday 
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age
No  current vacancies available


 Tanawha Tots Family Day Care  – Jackie

My husband (Phil) and I of 27years left Yorkshire UK 10 years ago bring with us our son and daughter. In those 10 years, I have had the pleasure of working in the Child Care Industry, working in Long Daycare services with Special Needs children. I have also been a Nanny for 5 beautiful children.

We are very privileged to live on a 2-acre property surrounded by nature, sharing this with our gorgeous rescue dog called Maxwell.We are currently seeking miniature goats, chooks and a cockerel.I feel bringing nature, wild and domesticated animals into a child’s life is very important.

My goal is to provide a warm, welcoming and happy carefree atmosphere. This giving peace of mind knowing your children are being cared for in a creative and inspiring environment. We look forward to meeting and sharing our peaceful Haven with you.

Opening hours – Monday to Thurs
Booking requirements-  Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age
No  current vacancies available


Sticky Beaks – Lynne

I hold a Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have three grown-up children. I have worked for many years in early childhood including C&K Kindergarten, Pre-School as a teacher aide and also as a support teacher one on one for children with special needs and recently in long day care. I have always been interested in family day care and after spending time educating my son at home, I decided that was something I would like to do. While there are definitely benefits for regular long day care, I really love that I can give each child the care and attention they need. In family day care it is an extension of home and being part of a small group means it is more like family. Creating an environment that is nurturing, empowering and homely that children can feel safe and comfortable in, helps them to grow, become confident within themselves and with others. Being able to provide opportunities for each child’s individual needs, interest’s strengths and abilities allows them to learn at their own pace. Sticky Beaks is situated in Tewantin, we spend most of our time outside in the fresh air as I have a lovely outdoor area and room to run and play on the grass. We also have an indoor play room. We have two dogs one small dog called “Monster” and another medium dog called “Chilli”, they are both lovely natured dogs and are very much part of our family. At sticky Beaks we also have a blue tongue lizard called “Bluey” he has his own tank at a level where the children can enjoy looking at him, they all love “Bluey” especially when he sticks out his blue tongue. I absolutely love watching children discover and learn new things, seeing them grow and develop their own little personalities is just so rewarding. Spending time with each child, working with them to achieve their goals and providing a happy, fun, safe and nurturing environment is very important to me.

Opening hours – Monday to Friday
Booking requirements-  Min 9hrs
Placements- Under School age
No  current vacancies available


 Love 2 Play Family Day Care – Alison

Hi, my name is Alison and my Family Day Care is called Love 2 Play.
At Love 2 Play Family Daycare, I am committed to having fun and providing an environment where children are made to feel safe and secure, and also where they are recognised and respected for who they are in an environment where they can feel like they belong.
Love 2 Play encourages children to do just that, Love to play! Playtime is learning time. It is a time to be curious, creative and imaginative. A time to explore, experiment, persist and be enthusiastic. A time for children to be decision makers. A time to learn!

Opening hours – Monday to Friday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age
Vacancies available now!


Captain Jack’s Family Day Care – Lesa

Teaching is a lifelong process of learning about new philosophies and new strategies, learning from the parents and community, learning from colleagues and especially from the children.

Children have taught me to open my mind and my heart to the joys, innocence and the diversity of ideas in the world. Because of this, I will never forget how to smile with the new, cherish the old an laugh with the children.

Opening hours – Tuesday to Friday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age
No  current vacancies available

Your local Family Day Care – Chris

I have lived in Woombye for 11 years now and see myself as part of the town. I share my house with my partner Karmen who is a registered nurse and midwife. I had been a carpenter for 15 years and had wanted to see life from a different perspective. I have obtained my Certificate III in Child Care, Winning the QLD Educator of the Year award this year (2015) has spurred me on to start studying my Diploma. I hold a current Blue Card, first aid and CPR certificates. It is my goal that your family will feel welcome and safe with your child in my care and I hope to bring a new dimension to your child’s education.

Opening hours – Monday to Sundayimages
Booking requirements- Min 7hrs
Placements- Before, After and Under School age
Under school age vacancies available now!


Nicky’s Family Daycare – Nicky

Hi, my name is Nicky I run Nicky’s Family Daycare in Yandina. I have been involved in family daycare since 2013.
I love to be able to offer families a safe, fun and homely environment for their precious little ones.
 I offer many different activities throughout the day and believe in play-based learning and planning my program around the interests of the children.
 I live with my partner Shane and our 3 children India, Jed and Shyla. We hope to welcome many wonderful families into our home.

Opening hours – Monday to Wednesday
Booking requirements- Min 7.5hrs
Placements- Under School age
No current Vacancies available

Yandina Creek

 Ducklings Family Day Care – Regina

I live in Yandina Creek with my husband Harold and three beautiful daughters. We live on a 1.5-acre property with lots of space for children to enjoy and explore. My goal is to give your child all the attention that every child deserves and desires and through which they learn and develop to reach their individual full potential. To make every day a day with playtime, creativity, music, cuddles, learning experiences, and lots of laughter. I hope the environment that I offer makes you and your children feel comfortable, safe and happy.

Opening hours – Tuesday to Thursday images
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age
Vacancies available now!


Bibs and Bots Family Day Care – Barbara

I have been working with children for over 25 years and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge and yet am still learning daily.  My work experience includes being a Teacher Aide in a Special Education Unit, working in the classroom with Yr 1 and 2 students, School Administration Officer including being the first aid officer, Joey Scout leader, Brownie leader as well as a being a mother of five children.

Through this experience, I have learnt that when children are happy they want to learn and learn more. My aim is to teach children through play in a caring and safe environment. Teach them to respect themselves, their environment and the people around them. I hope to do this by introducing a variety of experiences to the children in my care. A few of these are art and craft, dance, music, role-playing, games, storytelling and gardening.

I have completed a Cert III in Children’s Services, hold a Working with Children Blue card and have a Senior First Aid Certificate.

I consider your child’s childhood and happiness to be precious and therefore will make this my priority.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a happy child when they have achieved something new.  This is why I do Family Day Care.

Opening hours – Tuesday to Thursday
Booking requirements- Min 8hrs
Placements- Under School age

No Current Vacancies available