Becoming an Educator

The role requires an experienced and qualified Educator to ensure they are working in accordance to policy and procedures. This role is highly dynamic and creative, giving the right candidate the opportunity to deliver a truly inspiring early learning experience using the influences of Montessori, Reggio Emailia, Steiner and Waldorf.

  • To develop the Children’s Program (reflecting Early Years Learning Framework guidelines).
  • In compliance with the OH&S Policy, ensure a safe environment is maintained.
  • To ensure that accurate records are kept regarding accident, incident, injury, illness, and medication.
  • To liaise with families regarding the day-to-day happenings.
  • To maintain observations and records of individual children’s progress

Enquiry form 

Essential criteria

  • Excellent understanding and working knowledge of the National Quality Framework, which includes: National Regulations, National Quality Standards (NQS), and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)
  • Ability to work collaboratively and cooperatively.
  • Ability to work independently and manage your time well
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Hardworking, honest, reliable, must show initiative and have professional drive.
  • High standard of Pedagogical knowledge and professional practice.

Maintaining Quality Care:

  • Educators are required to provide and maintain a quality childcare service in a safe, healthy, nurturing, friendly home environment. This includes adhering to:
  • Current National Regulations and the National Act.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
  • Scheme policies and procedures
  • Participating in National Quality Framework requirements
  • Participating in ongoing professional development often outside the hours of their service
  • Providing parent with ongoing information about their child’s daily activities.
  • Educators must fulfil all the administrative and business requirements of a self-employed person, and ensure that records are retained in accordance with the time frames and requirements set out in the Children’s Services Regulations. Educators are also required to maintain a safe workplace at all times. The support and assistance of the Educators family members in meeting these requirements and providing a professional service is also required.
  • Providing an environment that recognises and operates in a safe and respectful manner
  • Considering the needs of your family and the families and children in care
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Recognising that it is more than ‘just babysitting’. Educators need to plan for the individual child’s needs and interests. The Educator is solely responsible for the children at all time, and cannot delegate this responsibility to any other household member.


Educator position description


What are the income and expenses of being an Educator?
The income and expenses incurred varies among Educators. Educators have control over how much they earn and what overheads they incur.
Income can vary depending on the type of care you provide, the hours that you provide care for and the Educator fee that you charge for each type of care.
How do I get paid?
Educators are required to complete electronic attendance data and submit this to the service and complete all of the educator position description in order to be paid by the service. The attendance data records the number of hours the children attended care with you and the amount of child care fee you charge to the parents and child care subsidy. Once you have submitted the attendance data to the service on a fortnightly basis this is processed.
You receive one payment: Our service is Central Payment so we collect all parent fees and child care subsidy and pay these on to you the educator in one payment.
What is your ongoing cost? The service charges $0.50 per hour per child to the educator as a levy. This payment is removed before you are paid and is a taxable deduction.
What support does the scheme provide to Educators?
Following registration, you will receive the following services free of charge;
Business Support:
All relevant and necessary information to conduct your child care service, Newsletters, forms, checklists, policies, procedures and resource ideas to assist you in your business.
Child Care Benefit calculated from parent time sheets and deposited electronically into your bank account.
Ongoing phone support for all administrative aspects of your business.
Referral of families to place children in your care.
Harmony Software for attendance data
Childcare Support:
Regular visits from Coordination Unit staff who will assist you with all aspects of care and education of young children
Interesting and relevant in-service training

Electronic portal for documentation

If you meet these requirements and want to be part of a high calibre and passionate team the next steps are:

Recruitment and induction of Educators
Step One: Download the application pack Now Family Day Care Application 

Please read your Information Package thoroughly before proceeding further with your application. Your application should indicate the reasons why you are applying as well as addressing your personal suitability for working with children. Please note that part of your application requires you to nominate two referees (not related to you) who, preferably, can comment on your understanding of child development and your interactions with children. These referees will be contacted by the scheme during the application process.

Should you then wish to proceed, return the application to the coordination unit.   Letters of application should be addressed to:

Attention: Recruitment Team
Family Day Care Providers C & R Cowling-Scaife
33 Crushers Park Drive, Nambour 4560

Family Day Care Providers C & R Cowling-Scaife will arrange with the applicant to do an interview at their home. This provides information to enable the applicant and members of the family/household to form a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of an educator and the requirements of becoming a workplace.

Step Two: The coordination unit will assess the applicant on the following criteria:
Applicants must provide a letter from a medical practitioner stating they are of good health and free from any medical condition or dependency on medication or substance that could affect their ability to care for children.
A suitable notice (blue card) application for the applicant and any household members over 18 years old must be completed before care can be provided.
The applicant must have a current first aid with asthma and anaphylaxis’s certificate (must state 004 on the certificate) or enrol in and complete a course before care can be provided.
All applicants must be non-smokers including all members of the household.
Applicants must have a minimum of Certificate III in children’s services or Diploma.
Applicants must have a criminal history check {less than 6 months old copy}
A PRODA number. All family day care educators must register for a PRODA (Provider Digital Access) ID. This will strengthen the integrity of the child care system and allow relevant staff and educators to interact with the new IT system CCS (child Care subsidy). The PRODA ID registration system is essentially a standard “100 points identity verification” process. Relevant key personnel and family day care educators will be required to register with the PRODA system by creating an account and subsequently verifying their identity by providing relevant documents.
Please follow the steps below to register for a PRODA ID:

  • Step 1: Please see the “ Registering in PRODA”. This document provides a detailed overview of the PRODA ID registration process.
  • Step 2: Connect to the secure PRODA authentication system which will provide step-by-step instructions to create an account. Each individual must create their own account using any computer with internet access. The process will require you to provide your identity information from documents you own – such as a birth certificate, passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card.
  • Step 3: At the end of the registration process you will receive a Registration Authority (RA) Number. It is very important that you keep this RA Number secure as it will be needed later in the transition process to the new CCITS.

Step Three: The Applicant will be interviewed to ensure they are suitable to work with children: some of the critical aspects and personal qualities required are:
Understanding of and respect for children.
Awareness of health and safety issues
Empathy with families using care
Positive approach in working with families and coordination unit
Interest in professional development and continued quality improvement
A positive approach to behaviour guidance
Effective communication skills, including verbal and written
Openness to change and new ideas
Potential to plan, implement and evaluate programs for children
Physically and emotionally able to care for young children in a group setting

Step Four: The co-ordination unit will visit the applicants home to access the premises suitability, using a safety checklist Download Safety Checklist

Step Five: Suitable applicants will be asked to undertake on the job training and assessment to allow the coordination unit to observe their skills, knowledge and personal attributes and allows applicants to have an orientation to family day care and develop a better understanding of the job.  Unsuccessful applicants will be sent a letter that they were unsuccessful and on request, additional information or feedback will be provided.

Step Six: Suitable applicants that complete registration prior to commencing the family day care service will be required to complete all home modifications and specifications outlined on the safety checklist, complete first aid and CPR training, provide copies of driver’s licence, vehicle and child restraints safety inspection, provided positive suitability notices for all parties involved, ensure all business registration (local council requirements) are completed if applicable, ensure that their insurance is current.
Registration fee $150 This fee is only payable once and is not a yearly cost.

Step Seven: Sign the family day Educator agreement and job roles and responsibilities.
Once all the above processes are completed, the Educator will be registered with Family Day Care Providers C & R Cowling-Scaife Scheme. A certificate of registration from the scheme is provided to the Educator. The certificate of registration is valid for one year and Educator are required to meet the schemes requirements stated above each year to re register.

Note: Educator must understand that Family Day Care Providers C & R Cowling-Scaife Scheme will judge the applicant and decide on the number of children that the educator is able to care for in a safe secure way. This may mean that the educator is not given a total of 7 children that is allowed by Child Care Regulations/Act and that due to waiting lists and child enrolments we take no responsibility for ensuring that Educators have or are given a total of 7 children. Family Day Care Providers C & R Cowling-Scaife Scheme CANNOT GUARANTEE A REGULAR RELIABLE INCOME.

Your next step- Now that you have read all our information provided if you are interested in a career in Family Day Care  what do you do? Contact our Coordination unit and we will arrange to speak with you further or  Download the application pack Now Family Day Care Application 

Enquiry form 

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 You will also need to supply us the following:

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